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A Focus On Property Investment


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A Focus on Property Investment

Is now the right time to consider purchasing a rental investment property? There are many factors to consider when answering this question.

Being a landlord seems to fallen out of favor with the media and the Government is certainly not incentivising would be investors at present.
The heat has gone out of the Auckland residential property market, and it is definitely a buyers market.

For those with savings or equity in their existing properties, maybe it’s worth a look.

Direct Property Investment

Residential property investment is one of the most popular types of investment in New Zealand. It is accessible to many


Non-Direct Property Investment

So, you don’t want to be a landlord and have the day-to-day headaches of managing tenants, managing cash


Understanding the Risks of Property Investment

Property investors are exposed to risk for a longer time, so it’s important to understand the risks before


Buying Investment Property for Yield

Yield-seeking investors are looking for the income they can make from rent. Gross yield is simply the annual rent divided


Owner Occupier Landlording

Boarder Income – This is a cost-effective way to start making money from property. It’s often an option for younger


Property Investment – The Good & The Not So Good

Property is a popular, and desirable, investment for Kiwis, and can offer excellent returns


Why Should You Consider Other Types of Investment?

If property is your only investment, you’ll have little or no diversification, which increases your risk if the property


Please make contact if you would like to discuss options around investment in residential rental property.

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Oliver Broomfield
Mortgage Adviser