Reviewing the mortgage

It’s a good idea to check things like your level of repayments and interest rate from time to time. It pays to do it every year or two, or when:

  • A fixed-rate loan is about to expire
  • The interest rate on a floating rate mortgage changes
  • There’s a big life change on the horizon, such as starting a new job, starting a family etc
  • You get a big lump sum such as an inheritance

It helps to take a moment and ask – are these mortgage payments still as big as I can comfortably afford?

Check the budget to see if there’s spare money to put toward extra repayments.

Even boosting repayments by the equivalent of $25 a week may save thousands of dollars in interest, which means you could be mortgage-free months or even years earlier!

Let me review your mortgage and personal situation to see if we can help you pay the mortgage off faster.


I help Kiwi’s get mortgages for their new homes. I also help Kiwi’s refinance when their existing mortgage is no longer the right fit for their lifestyle or no longer competitive compared with other lenders.

Whether you are ready to shorten your mortgage term, maybe you want to reduce your monthly repayments, or perhaps you need to borrow against the equity, I can help you find the right refinancing package.

Typically, you should have had your mortgage in place for at least a year before you refinance, but this isn’t a set rule.

In today’s marketplace, there is no reason why you should not have a competitive interest rate. 

I will walk you through an assessment to ensure that refinancing is the right decision financially for you.

From there we will put together the documents for your existing or new lender to apply for a refinancing package.

My job is to walk you through the mortgage process and ensure you get the right mortgage and have a financially stable future ahead of you.

You don’t need to commit this to memory, but below is an overview of what my process looks like for my mortgage clients:

Meeting and Chat

Every mortgage and loan is different, so I take the time to understand you and your situation, so we can prepare the right supporting documents for the bank

Summary and Action Steps

I get it, it’s a lot to remember. After our first meeting, I will send you a summary that you can refer to at any time, plus a list of the action points we need to take to get ready for the next step.

A Home Buyers Financial Assessment

There are several hidden costs that come with buying a home that aren’t included in mortgage payments. To ensure you are fully prepared for the transition, we do a financial assessment to compare your existing fixed costs and the added costs of a new home to ensure you have the right finances in place.

First Time Home Buyers Checklist

Buying your first home and securing lending is a time sensitive process with many steps. To help keep things on track, I offer a full checklist of steps and timeframes that need to be met. You will never be unsure of where we are in the process.

Set up for Mortgage Application Success

One of the biggest parts of my job, is making sure your application is complete and attractive to the banks to approve the loan. Particularly with first time homebuyers this can be a tricky to do. Your application is custom built to highlight your individual circumstance and lending eligibility.


Home Ownership Budget

Indicative home ownership budgets will be presented along with quotes for homeowners’ insurance to demonstrate that the budgeting for a new home has been well thought out and established.

Options for Deposits

First time home buyers are in a unique situation to utilize many different options to raise funds for a deposit. This includes grants, kiwi saver, family guarantees, and much more. I will ensure no stone goes unturned to find the best deposit option for you.

This is just a brief summary to give you an idea of what the process looks like to prepare for a mortgage. If you are ready to get started or want to ask a few more questions, contact me today.