Purchase a Second Home or Rental Property

Buying your next home is often required to fit a growing family, move into a new area or purchase a rental investment property.

As with first home buyers, extending the mortgage is also a big financial decision.

It’s important to work with someone who knows the finance requirements when selling your existing property and purchasing a new property. 

That’s where I come in. As your mortgage broker I offer extensive services and consulting around the home loan process.

Services Provided to Existing Home Owners;

  • Assist with the co-ordination of buying a new property and selling your existing property in the same market.
  • Obtain bridging finance from your existing lender or from a specialist lender if settlement dates do not match up.
  • Discuss options around keeping your existing property as a rental investment if that is a goal of yours.
  • Help with finance requirements to purchase your first or second rental property
  • Review existing and new mortgage structures to ensure you are in a position to minimize interest costs over the life of your mortgage.
  • Provide competitive interest rates for your mortgage refinance and refix – and quickly compare with other lenders.
  • Provide house insurance reviews and competitive house, contents and car insurance quotes
  • Provide Personal Risk Reviews to ensure you and your family are adequately insured.

As before my services to you are free. I work as your advocate and ensure you get the best mortgage advice. I am only paid a commission from the bank once your mortgage is secured and successful.

to discuss your options for buying your second home


Following is An Overview of How I Can Help You


My job is to walk you through the mortgage process and ensure you get the right mortgage and have a financially stable future ahead of you.

You don’t need to commit this to memory, but here is an idea of what my process looks like for second-time home buyers:

Meeting and Chat

Every mortgage and loan is different, so I take the time to understand you and your situation, so we can prepare the right supporting documents for the bank

Summary and Action Steps

I get it, it’s a lot to remember. After our first meeting, I will send you a summary that you can refer to at any time, plus a list of the action points we need to take to get ready for the next step.

A Home Buyers Financial Assessment

There are several hidden costs that come with buying a home that aren’t included in mortgage payments. To ensure you are fully prepared for the transition, we do a financial assessment to compare your existing fixed costs and the added costs of a new home to ensure you have the right finances in place.

Second Time Home Buyers Checklist

Buying your second home (along with selling your existing home) is a time-sensitive process with many steps. To help keep things on track, I offer a full checklist of steps and timeframes that need to be met. You will never be unsure of where we are in the process.

Set up for Mortgage Application Success

One of the biggest parts of my job is making sure your application is complete and attractive to the banks to approve the loan. Your application is custom built to highlight your individual circumstance and lending eligibility.

Home Ownership Budget

Indicative home ownership budgets will be presented along with quotes for homeowners’ insurance to demonstrate that the budgeting for a new home has been well thought out and established.

Options for Deposits – (Including Bridging Finance)

Second time home buyers are limited in their options for deposit funds. Often it is the equity in the existing property, plus savings which is used for a deposit. 

Depending on the settlement dates, applications may need to be presented with a request for bridging finance.

This is just a brief summary to give you an idea of what the process looks like to prepare for a mortgage. If you are ready to get started or want to ask a few more questions, contact me today.