contents insurance


Whether it’s the family home, holiday house or a rental property, you need to protect your valuable investments. We can help you manage your property-related risks and provide a sum insured cover that insures you for demolition costs, professional fees and a rebuild to the sum insured amount specified. We are able to provide cover for practically every scenario you can think of, be it damage or loss due to fire, earthquakes, break-ins or weather events. The good news is that whatever the risk, chances are there’s an insurance policy available to reduce the financial loss we would take should the worst occur.

Insuring your home

When it comes to Sum Insured, don’t go with guesswork. When you take out cover for your home, you’ll need to specify a Sum Insured that represents the maximum total amount we’ll pay to repair or rebuild your home. We encourage you to calculate an appropriate Sum Insured for your home to make sure you have enough cover if you need to repair or rebuild. Getting it right also means that you only pay for the cover you actually need. You can calculate your Sum Insured online, or ask a professional like a registered valuer, quantity surveyor, licensed building practitioner or other specialist we accept to help. If you don’t specify a Sum Insured, the insurer will set a default Sum Insured based on the information they have. But the insurer does now your home as well as you do and this Sum Insured might not provide adequate cover. This approach also means the Sum Extra benefit won’t apply. Check for things like…
  • How much you’re covered for if there’s an earthquake.
  • How much owners liability cover.
  • Are accommodation costs covered if you have to move out for a while?
  • Extras like damage from pets or covering for loan payments following a total loss.

Contents insurance

You may want to insure the things that are valuable to you at the same time as your house. Often you’ll get a discount by taking the two together. Contents insurance covers things in the house like your furniture as well as personal items like jewelry. Is your home secure? Preventing problems is the best insurance you can have. Here are a few simple tips for after you move in…
  • Install smoke alarms
  • Have a hose handy outside
  • Have a small fire extinguisher inside
  • Check stormwater and other drains
  • Fit good quality locks
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Keep bushes near the home trimmed
  • Have outdoor lights with sensors
  • Use timers on inside lights if you are out
  • Make sure garages and sheds lock up
  • Consider installing an alarm
You can save money on premiums by…
  • Choosing a higher excess ( the amount you pay yourself if you have a claim)
  • Getting all your insurances together as a package deal.
  • Asking about no claims bonuses.
  • Asking if there’s a discount if you have a security alarm.
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