Oliver Broomfield

Oliver Broomfield – Specialist Mortgage Adviser

Providing expert advice to all his clients, whether they are:

  • first home buyers
  • existing homeowners  
  • residential investors 
  • building or renovating

Oliver takes the time to listen and evaluate clients’ needs before recommending the best possible solution.


His clients find that having an experienced negotiator brokering their mortgage means that they access a range of financial solutions – some of which may not be presented during direct dealings with banks or other lenders.

Oliver not only prides himself on securing the best financial solution for his clients today, but he ensures that these investments are protected against risk tomorrow. As part of the service, Oliver offers advice and practical support to assess and manage

Oliver is a Financial Adviser specialising in mortgage finance.

He is a member of Financial Advice NZ.

Oliver studied at Lincoln University in Christchurch and Auckland and Massey Universities. After traveling extensively through America, Europe, and Africa, Oliver returned to New Zealand in the early ’90s and set up his base in Auckland. Oliver is married and has three very active children. He now enjoys supporting his family in their many sporting pursuits such as rugby, netball, water polo, basketball, rowing, horse riding, and motorbike riding.


Your complete Mortgage & Insurance Solution

As your Mortgage Broker, I become your personal consultant, part of your team. My task is to find the best solution to suit your individual circumstances. I use direct contacts within the banking sector along with market leading technology to analysis the options available in a time frame that suits you. The result will give you a better combination of features, competitive rates and terms for mortgages and the best available policy wordings, terms and conditions for insurances.

An overview of Oliver Broomfield Mortgage & Insurances Service Proposition; 

A mortgage broker & insurance adviser has to offer good advice to a wide range of clients and in a language that all can understand. We will provide value added services to make your experience a good one.

There’s lots of jargon relating to mortgages & insurances that we can translate into understandable terms. Knowing what the mortgage structure or what the policy wording means is very important.
Having a pre-approved mortgage with a mortgage broker will establish your buying power before you go out looking at property. It will often set you in front of and give you a distinct advantage over other potential buyers of the property you are looking at. You may need fewer conditions on the sale & purchase contract. Pre-purchase deposits can also be arranged. If selling a property, having that property pre-approved for finance will assist potential buyers. Having your life and mortgage protection insurance application underway prior to finding the right property means that any potential risk should be covered by the time you are unconditional on a contract or settle the mortgage.
Mortgage & insurance advisers are self-employed and can control their time. They can dedicate whatever time it takes to provide the required service to you. Buying property often has short time frames attached. We can make sure that you are in a position to move forward for certain scenarios prior to you entering into agreements where tight time frames are imposed. In regards to insurance, the re are often lots of forms, records and information that need to be presented. The adviser can take control of this process for you.
As your mortgage broker, we will liaise with your real estate agent, solicitor, and accountant as required. We can also arrange rental appraisals, property inspections, including meth reports and property reports (title searches, e-valuations, previous sales of property, comparative sales and full valuations).
Often clients find that having an experienced negotiator advising on their mortgage & insurance means that they access a range of financial & insurance solutions – some of which may not be presented during direct dealings with banks or insurance companies. Main stream lenders certainly do the majority of lending, but there are a range of other options that often need to be explored.
Success for me is providing a solution for clients to achieve their end goals and dreams. Having provided finance solutions for over 3,000 applicants, I have seen many scenarios of which I can draw from that experience to provide the right solution for each application. Often I involve other parties to ensure as many options as possible are explored. We will think outside the box to find you the right solution.
This is not restricted to interest rates, although having a competitive rate is very high up on the list. The best deal also includes the terms of the finance offer and how well they fit in with the client’s plans. In the case of insurance companies, the cheapest premium needs to be weighed up against the best policy wordings, terms and conditions. A balance needs to be achieved.
My aim as an adviser is to continue to provide ongoing service and help manage your ongoing finance and insurance requirements. I will make contact and provide reviews as often as you require. I recommend at least every 12 months for insurances and at the expiry of fixed rate term for mortgages.
There are situations where a solution is not possible at this time. I am up front and tell clients like it is. Often that does not end with a declined stamp and the end of the road. I have worked with clients for up to 3 years to improve their positions so that they can get that decline turned into an approval.
Lending & insurance criteria change regularly. Some of the changes come from the banks & the insurance companies, and some of the changes come from changes in regulation imposed by the Government. These changes can impact on what people can and can’t do and often what type of property they can sign up to. Knowing the products well is a must.

Our Financial Services include:

  • First home buyers & Existing Home Owners
  • Bridging & Transition Loans
  • Self-Employed including Lo Doc
  • Residential Investment finance
  • Refinance applications
  • Construction, Build & Renovation loans
  • Apartment lending
  • Top up & Mortgage Refix negotiations
  • Revolving Credit and Debt Reduction
  • Personal & Car Loans
  • Asset Finance Loans
  • Matrimonial requirements
  • Leasehold purchases
  • Development finance
  • Non-Conforming and Adverse Credit
  • NZ Citizens living off shore
  • Non-Residents wishing to purchase in NZ

Our Insurance Services include:

  • Life & Life Style Insurance
  • Income & Mortgage Protection Insurance
  • Trauma & Critical Illness Insurance
  • Total & Permeant Disability Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • House & Contents Insurance
  • Rental & Renters Insurance
  • Car, Motor Bike & Boat Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
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