KiwiSaver for Previous Homeowner

KiwiSaver for Previous Homeowners

If you are applying for a KiwiSaver first-home withdrawal determination as a previous homeowner, do you meet the following:
  • You have not previously withdrawn your KiwiSaver funds to buy a home
  • You have been a member of KiwiSaver for at least three years
  • You have previously owned property, but no longer own any interest/share in the property
  • You do not have realisable assets totalling more than 20% of the house price cap for an existing/older property in the area that you are looking to buy in. Housing New Zealand considers the following to be realisable assets:
    • Money in bank accounts (including fixed and term deposits)
    • Shares, stocks, and bonds
    • Investments in banks or financial institutions
    • Building society shares
    • Any money paid to, or held by, the real estate agent or solicitor as a deposit on the property
    • A boat or caravan (if the value is over $5,000)
    • Additional vehicles (such as classic motorbikes or cars – not being used as your usual method of transport)
    • Other individual assets valued over $5,000

Realisable assets caps


House price cap for existing/older properties
Regional asset cap
Auckland, Queenstown Lakes District


Hamilton City, Tauranga City, Western Bay of Plenty District, Kapiti Coast District, Porirua City, Upper Hutt City, Hutt City, Wellington City, Tasman District, Nelson City, Waimakariri District, Christchurch City, Selwyn District



Rest of New Zealand



To get Housing New Zealand to determine whether you are eligible for either or both options;

  • KiwiSaver Home Start Grant
  • KiwiSaver Previous Home Owner Determination

You will need to complete two separate applications – please click on the links below

KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant Application


KiwiSaver First-home Withdrawal Application

Determination for Previous Home Owner


Follow the links for;