First Home Loans – 5% Deposit

First Home Loans – 5% Deposit (and Welcome Home Loans)

It’s easier to own your own home with a First Home Loan (Welcome Home Loan).

Finding the deposit for your first home can be a struggle, with most lenders currently requiring a minimum 20% deposit. 

But with a First Home Loan, you only need a 5% deposit which means getting into your first home is that much easier.

First Home Loans are issued by selected banks and other lenders, and underwritten by Kāinga Ora. 

This allows the lender to provide loans that would otherwise sit outside their lending standards.

If you are interested in a First Home Loan I am more than happy to take you through this process.

  • Are you eligible?
  • How to apply?
  • Who are participating lenders?

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First Home Loans (Welcome Home Loans)