Cross Lease Title on Your Property or a Property You are Looking to Buy

If this property is on a cross lease or composite title, the purchasers should be aware that any external changes or additions made to the existing building or outbuildings will involve surrender of the lease, the issue of a new lease and title, the drawing up of a new flat plan and resurveying the site, all at considerable expense.

Permission must be obtained from other parties to the title before making any external changes to the outline of buildings. It is advisable to seek advice from a solicitor and / or surveyor before embarking on any changes to structures on a cross lease title.

It would also be wise to ensure that any existing additions to the external “footprint” of the building i.e. outline of foundations or walls, and all existing outbuildings, are included on the current Flat Plan.

We recommend that legal advice be sought in regard to responsibility for maintenance and upkeep on items common to the whole building, such as the roof, walls, storm water etc.

Talk to your Mortgage Broker for any further questions or clarification.