As a Mortgage Adviser, I help and prepare new & existing homeowners obtain competitive mortgage solutions for their unique situations. I do this by providing expert advice and coaching on the recommended steps towards home ownership.

I typically work with new and existing clients and have a long history of helping them achieve their home ownership and property investment goals.

I use a 6 step process to ensure that each of my client requirements are consistently met;


An initial 15-minute Strategy session – Schedule a Time to Discuss Your Requirements and to see how I can help you


Obtain Pre-Approved Finance for the borrower to ensure the lender is happy to lend you funding for your requirements


Obtain Pre-approval for the type of property you wish to purchase from the lender to ensure they are happy to use it for security


Pre-Settlement Process (finalize the funding amount and your requirements, the borrowing/lending & property ownership structures, negotiate terms & conditions including interest rates, make sure your insurance is in place, ensure all other aspects of settlement are in place)


Post-Settlement Processes (ensure mortgage and payments are set up as you require, check insurance is in place, ensure future reviews are diarised)


Present a Written Statement of Advice outlining and explaining all aspects of the finance offer and process followed


Some of the main benefits of using a Mortgage Adviser are ;

The biggest advantage of using a mortgage adviser over going directly to your bank is the choice.

Sitting in front of a mortgage adviser is like sitting in front of 20+ banks with hundreds of loan products – rather than just options from one bank.

Even if you are set on using your current bank, a broker can still provide worthwhile benefits, by giving you advice on which product to choose from their range and liaising with them to ensure you get the loan when you need it.

Advisers deal with lenders on a day-to-day basis. They know what needs to be done for each lender to process your application smoothly and without delay. Banks and lenders change staff and rules regularly, so it is good to have someone whose job it is to keep up to date with changes.

They also act as your personal advocates with the lenders – so you can trust them to do everything that needs to be done to get you the loan you choose.

Following up the progress of your loan application is time-consuming and can be frustrating. A mortgage adviser will take over all follow-up and paperwork – so you don’t have to – and become the middleman between you and your chosen lender.

A good adviser will also keep you updated on the loan application at every stage, making sure the lender has everything they need to approve your loan.

Having access to a wide range of loan products means that mortgage advisers are focused on getting the right loan for your life, but this could also mean they are finding lower rates, loans with lower fees, or specific loan features to help you pay off your loan faster.

This would mean paying less in the long run, just for using a mortgage adviser instead of going directly to your bank.

No cost to you
The service that a mortgage adviser provides is usually at no cost to you, as the lender you choose will pay the adviser after your loan settles. This means that you have access to a service to get the best loan – and it won’t cost you a thing.