Mortgage Lenders: Get Free Advice from a Mortgage Adviser

Mortgage Lenders: Get Free Advice from a Mortgage Adviser (mortgage lenders, mortgage company, mortgage broker, mortgage adviser)

Mortgage advisers are unique in that they do an enormous an amount of work upfront prior to being paid for their services. This can be 1-2 months for standard residential purchases or 1-2 years for construction loans.

Any work we do for you will in general not cost you a fee (unless an upfront fee is negotiated for non-bank lenders).

To get free advice from a mortgage adviser (or a broker conditional approval) can provide you with enough information to give you the courage to move forward with your plans.

Typically we would have an upfront discussion, either over the phone, on zoom or (preferred) face to face.

During this conversation we would look to cover off the purpose of the loan, the type of property you wish to buy, your income, day to day expenses, any other financial commitments, additional costs associated with the purchase, available deposit (or equity in other property), family situation, residency status and credit history.

Using a specialist mortgage calculator and the information you provide will give enough information to know what the next step will be.

The next step will be either continue with a mortgage application, or we will provide a pathway to get you into a position where you can apply for a mortgage into the future.